Can someone help me with this problem please?

Accepted Solution

Answer:senior tickets sold: 12child tickets sold:8Step-by-step explanation:Let x= amount of senior tickets soldy= amount of child tickets soldFor the first equation, it should look like:200=14x+4yFor the second equation, it should look like:92=7x+ySo this is a systems of equations problem. So I will use substitution as it is easier:1.) Take one of the equations (in this case ill take 92=7x+y) and make one variable have a value, in this case ill isolate the y.[tex](-7x)92=7x+y(-7x)[/tex][tex]y=92-7x[/tex]2.) Take the value of y and plug it into "y" into the other equation to solve "x" [tex]200= 14x + 4(92-7x)\\200=14x+368-28x\\(-368)200=-14x+368(-368)\\(-\frac{1}{14})* -168=-14x*(-\frac{1}{14} )\\\\x=12[/tex](editor's note:instead of dividing it by 14, I multiply by 1/14 as it would look complicated in the equation solving steps)3.) Then plug the value of "x" to one of the equations to solve for "y" (which I'll use the 92=7x+y)[tex]92=7(12)+y\\(-84)92=84+y(-84)\\y=8[/tex]