Please help ASAP A survey asks teachers and students whether they would like the new school mascot to be a viking or a patriot. This table shows the results.Which statement is true?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option A.Step-by-step explanation:According to this survey results :Students : 80 like viking and 20 like patriot.Teachers : 5 like viking and 15 like patriot.In Option B it is given that patriot is more popular in students while viking is more popular in teachers which is not correct. In option c patriot is equally popular in students and teachers, which is also not correct. because patriot is popular in 20% of students but 80% in teachers, which is not correct.In option d there is no difference between students and teachers, this statement is also not correct because there is lots of differences in their choices.In Option A it is said that viking is more popular in students but patriot is more popular in teachers. this is correct.